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Letter: gun control | Letters to the Editor | – Arizona Daily Star

When is sanity going to prevail over monetary greed? The United States is locked in a “let me buy a gun and kill you” attitude set. People are playing out their fantasies of hate or revenge in real time by killing people – sometimes lots of people. They can do that because of the availability of military style automatic weapons. Those weapons would not be on the market except that the National Rifle Association insists that that kind of weapon be available to the public because “we need to be able to defend ourselves from the government if necessary ”. Frankly, I suspect it is because the NRA is “on the take” from the weapons manufacturers. Truthfully, the U.S. military has weapons so technically advanced that an AR-15 would be useless in combat against the government. So, let’s take them out of the hands of crazy people – with enforceable laws. Get with it! Congress!

Dennis Bourret

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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